Edenchain Meetup in Zurich (20 June 2018)

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Edenchain Meetup in Zurich (20 June 2018)

On 20 June 2018, Edenchain held a meet up in Zurich together with our local partner from DeepTech Ventures. The meet-up was a huge success with key investors and potential partners attending to find out more about Edenchain.

During the meetup, Edenchain’s CSO, Kangho Kim, delivered a presentation about the key business development of Edenchain and presented a detailed outline of business expansion plans and strategies to encourage blockchain adoption by enterprises through the HelloEden platform.

Kangho shared a specific use-case that was being developed on Edenchain in the music industry. The music industry is plagued by a lack of transparency in content distribution with middlemen pocketing large fees, removing a huge slice of the profits that was originally meant for the artists. Edenchain is a suitable platform to be used because it allows the automatic distribution of profits while protecting the confidentiality of the artists such that information of their customers and giving control of their music back to the artists.

A second use-case lies in the logistic sector on food traceability. The use of Edenchain in this scenario would drive transparency and accountability to help both consumers and producers better understand the true source of food that is being consumed. This reduces losses from counterfeits, improves visibility and compliance over outsourced contract manufacturing. As external data must be pulled in from various sources, Edenchain’s technology is extremely suitable for this use as it allows for secure on-chain and off-chain interoperability and validates data that is brought on-chain. This further reduce the potential for fraud. Food traceability solutions are only as reliable as the external data that is pulled into the blockchain.

To establish more use-cases, Edenchain will be sending our developers to work with partner companies globally to provide technical support. We are committed to our vision to help enterprises adopt blockchain technology.

Crypto Valley Conference – Zug

The trip to Switzerland had been a fruitful trip for Edenchain as we connected with potential partners from Zug, which is now known as Crypto Valley because of how it has become an epicenter of fintech, cryptocurrency and blockchain activity.

During the trip we reached out to potential partners for the HelloEden ecosystem to better provide Asian ICO startups with Switzerland-based services such as blockchain advisory, legal, marketing, compliance and ICO advisory. These helps to enhance the vibrancy of the Edenchain ecosystem and lowers barriers to blockchain adoption.

Please stay tuned to our social media channels as more exciting developments will follow in July!

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