EdenChain Malaysia Meetup

By May 10, 2018 English

20180506 말레이시아 밋업 배너

On May 6th, 2018, EdenChain Meetup was held on DOJO KL, Malaysia.
EdenChain’s Meetup at Malaysia was to share the insights and the comprehensive discussions of fintech and the block-chain industry, along with the long-term goals of EdenChain.

20180506 말레이시아 밋업

Kim Kang-ho, CSO of EdenChain, made an announcement about EdenChain at the event.
The team was introduced including Ahn, Myung-Ho of EdenChain and the features of functional aspects and the programmable economy was explained.

20180506 말레이시아 밋업2

At the end of the event, questions were asked by the participants. EdenChain Malaysia Meetup was held with the support of  FOMO MEDIA.

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