EdenChain James Ahn, Blockchain Development Story at a Conference

By April 24, 2018 English

On April 6, Mr. An Myeong-Ho of EdenChain presented the presentation at the “Block-Chain Development Story for Business Success” conference, as a keynote speaker.

The ‘Block-Chain Development Story’ conference was held at Shinhan Investment. The event was hosted by ‘Key News’ and ‘DevMento’.


* ‘Key News’ is the in-depth media coverage of the IT industry and New Tech News, and ‘DevMento’ is the IT professional content developer network portal site.

The conference was a total of six sessions on the subject of business development (planning and development process) and prospects with a block-chain. Each blockchain development or business experts were there as speakers.

On this day, Mr. An Myong-Ho, CEO of EdenChain, delivered a speech on “Corporate Block-Chain Development Guide A to Z”.

Included in the lectures were : “What is Block-Chain Development?”, “Differences between existing IT projects and block-chain development and preparation,” “What to prepare for a block-chain development,” and “Plan and development share from experience with EdenChain Development.”

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