EdenChain Joins Hyperledger Community

By April 16, 2018 English

Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. To date, the Hyperledger community has grown to more than 200 organisations in more than 25 countries. Edenchain is proud to be part of the Hyperledger community to contribute to the development of blockchain technology.

Edenchain was built on the open source Hyperledger project with the aim of creating a permissioned blockchain which balances the advantages and limitations of a public and private blockchain. The result is a product that is a scalable, secure, high-performance and reliable blockchain platform that affords enterprise users flexibility to keep information in the blockchain privately or transparently for accountability.

A key advantage that Edenchain brings to enterprise users is the ease of access. To use Hyperledger, enterprises need to have a strong technical team to use the blockchain. However, with Edenchain, it is easy for developers to harness the advantages of a permission blockchain through the use of SDKs and APIs.

For public blockchains, security remains a key issue. The integrity of data stored on the blockchain is secured, but the encryption and secure connectivity between the blockchain and external data sources are lacking. Edenchain solves this problem through the E-Bridge layer, which uses industry-grade encryption techniques such as HTTPS and Elliptic Curve Cryptography & Threshold Cryptography (ECC-TC) to ensure that messages cannot be read even when intercepted. We also utilise Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) as a hardware solution to ensure that the integrity of data is kept safe.

With the advantages of Edenchain, it will be easy and advantageous for enterprise users to adopt Edenchain as their blockchain platform to tokenize their assets and services in Industry 4.0.

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