EdenChain ICO Plan

By April 13, 2018 English

EdenChain’s community has been at the core of our work and will continue to be as such. We want to involve our community, who shares our vision for EdenChain to become the next generation blockchain platform adopted by enterprises, as EdenChain continues to develop and grow.

We are thankful for the support and patience that you have shown us. We are delighted to announce that crowdsale will be held for the community! Further details are listed below. We have designed the schedule to allow as many people from our community to participate in the purchase of EDNs as possible.

Here are the EdenChain ICO details!

※ No private sale
※ Crowdsale commences in May 2018
※ Whitelisting starts on 1 April 2018 08:00 UTC, link will be accessible on our website


  1. Presale Round A
    – Ongoing for institutional and strategic investors
    – Minimum $100K
    – Bonus: 20%
    – ETH/USD rate pegged when SAFTs are signed
  2. Presale Round B
    – Commence in May 2018, for strategic investors and active contributors of the community
    – Bonus: 10 -15% (It depends on the result of Presale Round A)
    – ETH/USD rate pegged at start of Presale Round B
  3. Crowdsale
    – Crowdsale date will be held after Presale Round B (date to be announced in April), open to whitelisted community members
    – No bonus
    – ETH/USD rate pegged at start of crowdsale
    – Individual contribution cap will be tiered based on their level engagement with the community (further details to be announced in April)

EDN Token Distribution
EDN distribution will start in June 2018, and will be distributed in tranches to ensure liquidity. All EDNs will be locked until major exchange listing. More details on distribution will be announced soon.

Programmable Economy Platform, EdenChain !!

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