Edenchain First Summit in Seoul

By July 5, 2018 English

On 29 June 2018, Edenchain held its first summit for the year of 2018. We brought together the management, advisors and team members globally to Seoul for a one-day summit highlighting the overall vision of Edenchain and to align the goals of the offices in Seoul, New York, Singapore and Vietnam.

The summit started with a presentation by James Ahn, CEO of Edenchain, sharing his vision for a programmable economy and about how the idea of the entire Edenchain ecosystem was conceptualized. The enterprise users have a strong preference for permissioned blockchain platforms as these creates a controlled environment for enterprises to learn about the use-cases of blockchain and will be the crucial first-steps undertaken by enterprises before public blockchains will be adopted. As a permissioned blockchain, Edenchain is positioned to capitalize on such a blue ocean strategy.

Edenchain Business Expansion Plans
Kangho Kim, the Chief Strategy Officer of Edenchain, revealed the business expansion plans of Edenchain going forward to ensure a well-organized and coordinated team which resembles that of global enterprises. This puts Edenchain in a position to grow globally and expand on our business development efforts.

To encourage adoption of the Edenchain platform, Kangho unveiled plans to establish regional offices in key markets to encourage adoption of Edenchain platform. The goal by 1Q2019 is to setup regional offices in Singapore, New York, San Francisco, London, Malaysia, Dubai, China, Moscow, Japan, Australia and Mexico. To date, Edenchain has already setup an office in Singapore and New York. The next immediate goal is to setup an office in London soon.

These regional offices would serve to build regional communities, form partnerships with local enterprises keen to use permissioned blockchain technology, and to work closely with local ambassadors to leverage on the network for growth. Dedicated project managers will be based in the HQ in Seoul to coordinate the efforts of each regional office to grow Edenchain’s global presence.

HelloEden Product Development
To build a thriving ecosystem in Edenchain, the HelloEden business platform will have a team of product managers to connect enterpises on the HelloEden platform with relevant partners that are already in the ecosystem. These partners can include Legal Advisory & Compliance firms, Tokenomics Managers, Marketing & Community Building Agencies, and Investors’ Relation & Tokensale Book Management, Business & Contract Manager.

Building on that, HJ Moon, Chief Financial Officer of Edenchain, shared proprietary market research data that will be made available on the HelloEden platform. Through the data available, it was evident that the ICO markets had a huge survivorship bias which created an impression that it was easy to raise funding for projects via an ICO. Majority of such projects fail to raise their hardcap and suffer low token prices after the ICO. Appended below is a sneak preview of the data that is available on HelloEden which can be easily accessed by investors (through the use/staking of EDN tokens).

The data above was collected by data crawlers and mined by Edenchain. We will expand on the capabilities and extent of data collected by HelloEden to create an additional product that is useful for investors when conducting their own research. The end-product would be similar to what Bloomberg currently is to traditional finance.

For companies looking to raise their own funding via an ICO, it is crucial that they worked together with solid partners such as Edenchain who knows the ICO process intimately and the ins and outs of conducting a successful ICO.

If you are keen to be a part of the HelloEden ecosystem or to build applications on the Edenchain platform, do reach out to us at [email protected]

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