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By September 16, 2019 English

Dear community,

EdenChain was featured on MoneyToday Network (MTN) last Wednesday, September 11th. 

MTN is a television network based in Seoul, Korea. The network provides contents centered toward businesses, investments, and finance. It is regarded as one of the more reputable sources for financial news here in Korea. 

The following is the link to the interview VOD. EdenChain was featured as one of the hot companies to pay close attention to in the coin market. 

Our CTO, Jacki, went in for the interview.

The following is a summary of the interview.

EdenChain is the company behind the development and governance of the Eden blockchain platform. After a successful ICO in 2018, we launched our Mainnet in July of this year. Currently, we focus on developing and launching blockchain services. During the ICO, we placed our priority on the overseas market. As a result, we are better known outside of Korea. For instance, CNBC featured EdenChain as a noteworthy blockchain project; CIO Advisor selected EdenChain as one of the top 10 blockchain solutions in the Asia Pacific region; Procure Swiss Magazine selected EdenChain as an exemplary application of blockchain technology in finance. We are grateful for this interview opportunity as we plan to increase our brand awareness in Korea as well.

In a nutshell, EdenChain is a permissioned blockchain. We chose this format to create a blockchain with improved security and efficacy by taking the best features from both the Public Chain and Private Chain. Utilizing those strengths, we aim to provide seamless blockchain experiences to users. 

As of now, blockchain technology still remains very technology-oriented, and users find it difficult to use in everyday life. As our slogan “bridging people and technology” states, EdenChain strives to make the technology easy, accessible, and useful for users. According to last year’s data, there are about 1600 different cryptocurrencies listed on exchanges. The vast number of currencies creates issues with interoperability and usability. EdenChain’s Pegasus and MoA have been developed to resolve those issues. They provide a mobile-friendly payment solution that enables one-touch transaction across different platforms. 

Meanwhile, we developed a dApp store, Dorothy, so that users can readily search and use dApps they want across platforms. Not only does Dorothy offer a seamless user experience to users, but it also provides supports for dApp developers, such as tools for the developers to communicate with their users. We believe that Dorothy is ultimately a contents provider. As such, we place a high priority in helping developers create better dApps. Dorothy has signed partnerships with more than 55 dApp developers … and still counting. There are several dApps already under development by our partners that are designed to interoperate with MoA and Pegasus. These dApps will soon be launched on Dorothy. 

Our system is designed to create a sustainable blockchain ecosystem. By demonstrating a healthy and functioning ecosystem, not only does EdenChain aims to increase our brand value, but we expect to contribute to the growth of the blockchain industry as a whole. For that, we will steadily advance toward the goal of blockchain mass realization, regardless of the ups and downs in the market. We ask you to stay tuned to EdenChain an join in our excitement as we are constantly improving our services to both enhance and open new revenue streams. 

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