EdenChain Crowdsale is Completed!

By May 26, 2018 English

Thank you for your massive support. The crowdsale was started at 0700H UTC, 24 May 2018 and successfully ended on 25 May 2018.

Even though Edenchain’s presale was massively oversubscribed by over 15x, our community is important to us and we reserved a portion of tokens for crowdsale.

We ensured that for every user who had successfully been whitelisted and passed KYC, they would have at least 1 ETH of allocation.

To share some statistics about the crowdsale:
– 8,500 accounts were whitelisted over three rounds (1 Apr, 22 Apr, and 15 May)
– After conducting KYC, 3,500 accounts were successfully verified. We removed 5000 accounts due to incomplete submissions, prohibited nationalities and duplicated submissions.
– 3,230 accounts participated in Crowdsale Round 1. An impressive 94% participation rate despite the bear market.
– Round 2 was closed under 2 minutes

– 3,230 ETH was raised in Round 1
– 300 ETH was raised in Round 2

FAQS about crowdsale:
1. When will token be distributed?
+ All tokens (Presale, crowdsale) will be distributed in tranches over 5 months at 20% monthly. Tokens will be unlocked just prior to exchange listing.

2. How do I know that my contribution was successful?
+ If you sent us exactly 1 ETH during ROUND 1 and the transaction time was between 0700 to 1900 UTC 24 May 2018, your contribution was successful.
+ For ROUND 2, the last successful txid was 0x839b11fbf577bd38dbe1a60a13c639ec24442086be15322cf1c2dce3e904fd52. All transactions sent after this txid will be refunded.
+ If you sent us multiple transactions or was not whitelisted or sent us more than maximum cap, the duplicated/excess contributions will be refunded.

3. When will Edenchain be listed on an exchange?
+ We’re unable to comment on when Edenchain tokens will be listed.

4. When will refunds be given?
+ The team will begin refunds after finalizing the details. We will ensure this process is carried out asap.

5. Why did Edenchain not reopen the whitelist after some KYC had failed?
+ This was the reason why we reopened the whitelist on 22 April to allow for more people to be whitelisted, and subsequently held a lottery for more people to participate.

6. Isn’t it reported that 8,500 applicants were whitelisted?
+ 8,500 applicants made the whitelist round BUT only 3,500 applicants successfully completed their KYC. The drop out rate is due to various reasons, not limited to incomplete, undone applications, prohibited nationalities as well as duplicates entries.

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