EdenChain CEO James Ahn as a Judge for 9th SW Maetro Program

By June 7, 2018 English

EdenChain’s CEO James Ahn (Myeong-ho Ahn) has been appointed as a document screening judge for the 9th Software(SW) Maestro Program.

SW Maestro Program is a project for discovering and fostering talents in the software (SW) industry. It is a government-funding project, which is organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT, Institute for Information & communications Technology Promotion (IITP), and the Federations of Korean Information Industries.

EdenChain’s CEO James Ahn was responsible for the document evaluation, which is the most important part of the primary evaluation (document evaluation, job aptitude test, coding test).

Cha, Myung-hun, CEO of Coinone also completed this program and it is well-known for providing the selected trainees with mentoring and intensive training from the industry’s best experts. It also holds objective in supporting creative projects and creating jobs.

The 9th SW Maestro Program application process began on February 20th. The final 100 selected trainees were announced on May 31st after the evaluation process.

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