EdenChain Briefing at the 16th KIFC Meet-Up

By April 13, 2018 English

Korea Institute of Future Convergence

On the 1st of Feb, KIFC meeting was held and Ahn, Myung ho CEO delivered a presentation.

Experts from various fields who has interest in the 4th industrial revolution gathered as an KIFC association to share knowledge on a regular basis. This was their 16th meet-up.


EdenChain was an attractive topic for future knowledge research.

On this day Ahn, Myung-ho CEO introduced EdenChain and the technology behind it.

The downside and problematic side of current block chain technology was mentioned as well. Slow speed, inefficient commission fee, and the security of transaction was mentioned.

Ahn, Myun-ho CEO explained about how these problems of the existing blockchain technology could be resolved through Edenchain’s technology.

After the seminar, an after party was held in a friendly atmosphere.


Let’s try to find the hidden president of EdenChain Mr.Ahn.

This is for today, from innovative and potential Edenchain.

Edenchain Programmable Economy Platform

Programmable Economy Platform, EdenChain !!

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