EdenChain and Spatium MOU

By April 13, 2018 English

EdenChain and Spaitum has formed a MOU on Feb. 6th 2018, and promised business cooperation.

EdenChain is a software based platform.

Spatium is a dual software and hardware solution for cryptocurrency users that provides exceptionally secure and functional platform for storing and managing crypto-assets, and puts users in direct control over their data through the decentralized blockchain. Spatium will become a financial ecosystem that will control no customer funds and will provide a range of financial services, including a P2P exchange and a portfolio investment platform.

Marat Zhanispayev, who leads Spatium’s business development, is EdenChain’s advisor as well.

Through a mutual cooperation, EdenChain strengthened the coins security.
EdenChain is looking forward to the business expansion globally.

This partnership is not listed on our website but was announced to the crowd on our first meet-up. You can see our meet up news on our blog as well.

So this is valuable information released only to our blog viewers~~!

Programmable Economy Platform, EdenChain !!

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