Partnership Highlights: EdenChain and ROA Invention Lab

By May 19, 2018 English

EdenChain and ROA Invention Lab signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) to strengthen cooperation to establish EdenChain’s platform ecosystem and encourage adoption of blockchain technology by high technology companies.

Through this partnership, ROA Invention Lab will actively introduce prominent companies under their accelerator program to develop DApps in EdenChain’s ecosystem. EdenChain will provide the member companies of ROA Invention Lab with EdenChain platform to conduct Reverse ICOs.

EdenChain will also provide advisory services to ROA Invention Lab’s member companies with both technical adoption of the permissioned blockchain platform and the process of conducting an ICO.

ROA Invention Lab has an impressive portfolio of companies which specializes in a wide range of high technology development such as Machine Learning, O2O/e-Commerce, Fintech & Blockchain and Automobile Technology. ROA Invention Lab also partners with large Korean companies such as Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (KODIT) in the start-up accelerator program.

Kim Jin-young, CEO of ROA Invention Lab, said that most online platforms in the future will be implemented on a blockchain, because blockchain will ensure secure and transparent transactions, encourage active involvement of platform participants through rewards systems for equitable distribution of wealth, thereby enabling value exchange and reward activities that were limited in existing platform businesses.

EdenChain’s platform is well suited for such companies to build DApps on Edenchain because it provides companies with a secure and high-performance blockchain platform that can be scaled to fit their needs. The use of APIs also lower barrier to entry and makes it easier and safer for start-ups to participate in the EdenChain ecosystem.

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