EdenChain and aSSIST Blockchain Conference

By April 13, 2018 English


Feb. 7, 2018, Blockchain Startup Conference was held.

aSSIST Graduate School of Business Digital Strategic Plan MBA & Edenchain Partners held this conference with the Blockchain Technology as a main topic.

Blockchain technology is decentralized data paradigm of revolutionary future technology. Blockchain’s real usage in our daily life was focused on this conference. For this to happen there is still things to be enhanced and solved in this technology.

Blockchain startups who had solutions for the enhancement of blockchain technology made presentations. EdenChain was one of them and below the speech will briefly be explained.


James Ahn, the CEO of EdenChain explained about “EdenChain, the 3rd Smart Contract Blockchain.”

James Ahn (CEO of EdenChain) mentioned that the next application of blockchain is smart contract, and said that EdenChain has resolved most of the issues of the existing smart contract, existing as a revolutionary blockchain technology of next generation.

EdenChain’s blockchain uses parallel implementation technology, trusted connectivity and EVM.

With this technology EdenChain provides fast processing with reasonable fee.

Experts from different industries made a speech on this day.


The conference itself was a big success, more people wanted to join than the conference was intended for. Mr.Kim (Kim, Moonsoo, founder of Etoos ) was the hosting the conference.

The Blockchain 3.0 Conference was successful, with a lot of interest in the blockchain technology and Edenchain. The conference was asked to be held in series through emails after it was over. Which shows the great interest towards blockchain and its technology in Korea.

Programmable Economy Platform, EdenChain !!

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