Edenchain Ambassador Program

By April 15, 2018 English

Edenchain has a global ambition to enable enterprises to tokenize their services and assets on a blockchain platform, that is scalable, secure and reliable. Recently, we made some critical team hires with a global focus, with the addition of a Chief of Strategy, Business Development (Asia), and Business Development (the U.S. and Europe). This move extended our reach out of Korea and onto the global platform.

Edenchain will continue to partner with businesses and extend our presence into new geographical areas. To do this, we are excited to announce the Edenchain Ambassador Program!

The Edenchain Ambassador Program is designed to promote Edenchain to various countries by assigning suitable business leaders or investors, who will be authorized to represent the Edenchain in their countries. An Edenchain Ambassador will be regarded as a part of Edenchain community and will be officially posted on the website. Ambassadors will be in charge of various contributions to Edenchain such as:

  • Organizing meet-up or conference in their countries;
  • Connecting and representing Edenchain to potential business partners and prominent investors in their countries; and
  • Translating website, technical papers or other presentation materials into local languages.

How to qualify as an Ambassador

Suitable candidates to become Edenchain’s ambassadors will be approved by Edenchain’s CEO, James Ahn. To qualify as an Ambassador, candidates should possess the following credentials:

  • An accredited or active investor in the crypto industry;
  • Well-connected to traditional private or public industries;
  • Enthusiastic about Edenchain’s technologies and business such as HelloEden; and
  • Fluent in English

To sign up as an ambassador, send us your profile and relevant information about your experiences to [email protected]!

Gold Tier Ambassador

Ambassadors who have met the following criteria will be regarded as a Gold Tier Ambassador:

  1. Connected Edenchain with more than 2 business partners;
  2. Held at least 2 meet-ups or conference; and
  3. Translated website or technical paper.

If contributions of Gold Tier Ambassadors is deemed to be extraordinary, Gold Tier Ambassador would be regarded as a candidate to become an advisor for Edenchain.

Rewards for Ambassadors

Once assigned as official Edenchain’s Ambassador, you will receive EDN tokens (locked for 1 year) based on your rank:

  • General Ambassador: EDN 16,000
  • Gold Tier Ambassador: Additional EDN 16,000 upon reaching Gold Tier

If contributions of Ambassador are deemed to be extraordinary, additional EDN tokens would be
Given at full discretion of Edenchain’s management.


All relevant expense incurred through activities organised to represent Edenchain such as meet-up or conference will be fully reimbursed by Edenchain.

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