[Eden Diary_TD] How to use YouTrack by Brian Park

By January 25, 2019 English

How to use YouTrack

by Brian Park

As announced last week through community channels, EdenChain’s services are being released after the closure of the TestNet. Prior to the official release, a Closed Alpha Test will be conducted for two weeks in cooperation with our E-Testers. Thankfully, we’ve had many volunteers who applied. They will be of great help during this testing process. I would like to thank them through this blog post.

A brief introduction of the services to be released (E-Garden, E-Wallet, DApp) was made through a blog post two weeks ago. This week, I intend to give an introduction of YouTrack, a tool which our testers will use to give us feedback regarding issues raised during the testing process.

There are many ways to gain feedback – email, chat, etc. – but YouTrack was chosen as it provides the most utility in managing reports.

YouTrack is a browser-based bug tracker, issue tracking system, and project management tool. Each tester will be able register issues and bug reports on YouTrack using the account we will be providing.

First, users will receive a YouTrack link (https://edenchain.myjetbrains.com), a test account, and its corresponding password.

Test accounts and passwords will be provided by EdenChain due to management purposes.

After logging in, go into “My Dashboard” and click on “Issues” on the upper-left hand corner.

There you will be able to view previous issues and register a new report by clicking “New Issue.”

Input the “Summary” and “Description.” Give a brief explanation of the product and issue in “Summary,”(ex. Error during E-Wallet Deposit) and anĀ an in-depth explanation of the steps which led to the error in “Description.” Being precise will help us during the reviewing process. Testers will be also be able to take a screenshot of the issue and simple copy&paste directly on to the report, making the reporting process very convenient.

The menu on the side allows testers to choose an even more detailed explanation. This part may be skipped, but I’ll go over some examples for information’s sake.

The screen below is an example of an issue.

In EdenChain, we check the issue and give feedback through the “command” window.

We will compile and evaluate the reports given to us by E-Testers during the two-week testing period. Then, we will use the report that YouTrack provides to make adjustments to points of vulnerability and/or supplements.