[EDEN DIARY_TD] Fly Me To The Bitcoin by Jacki

By November 16, 2018 English

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Fly Me To The Bitcoin

by Jacki Heo

There is no doubt that BitCoin is the base currency in the digital cryptocurrency world. It is for this reason that we have aimed to catch up with BitCoin’s Block Height as an internal challenge for the EdenChain TestNet alpha.

A key process in blockchain technology is to collect requested transactions, put it in a candidate block, and then to generate and distribute the block by using the previous block’s hash value according to the implemented consensus algorithm. As the linked block becomes longer, the information contained in the blockchain becomes immutable. The number of connected blocks (i.e. Block Height) represents the history of building blocks through the above process. It is one of the most important indicators of an operating blockchain’s performance. Since the number of transactions included in a block is variable, it is the block height rather than the total number of transactions that reflects the stability and security of the system.

Today (November 2nd, 2018) is a meaningful day as our TestNet alpha has exceeded the Block Height of BitCoin. It is one of the profound milestones of Edenchain as it has occurred on just the 45th day following the launch of the Edenchain TestNet alpha, compared to that of BitCoin with its nine years of history.

During this 45-day period, TestNet alpha did not have a single point-in-time interruption. It has been consistently processing approximately 300 to 2,000 transactions per second and generating a block every few seconds through a Proof of Elapsed Time (PoET) Consensus Algorithm. This represents the longest duration stress test we have conducted on the Edenchain platform. The test platform prior to TestNet alpha typically had 10 days of testing at the development stage. This is because it broke down several times a week, and the results had to be constantly reported and updated. Although I was confident when I opened the Testnet on September 21, 2018, I need to admit I was worried – it was just like bringing a child into the world for the first time. But as I watched it grow beyond the BitCoin’s Block Height, I become increasingly more excited and confident in our project.

With the data from the operation of TestNet alpha, the Edenchain Platform is now ready to move onto the next level. As indicated in our long-term vision, we will do our best to create a blockchain platform that benefits both companies and customers through the programmable economy.