[Eden Diary_TD] EdenChain Alpha Test by Brian Park

By March 8, 2019 English

EdenChain Alpha Test

by Brian Park

As we have previously announced, February marked the end of our Alpha Test of EdenChain’s E-Wallet, E-Garden, and DApps. We received applications from early January and selected 108 participants. The testing officially started on January 28 and ended on February 10, lasting for a total of two weeks. We would like to express our gratitude to all E-Testers who have participated in and supported the testing process. The suggestions and comments that we received were immensely helpful in planning out the direction of our future updates. From the 108 testers, 261 reports and suggestions were raised. Out of the three product categories, the percentage of issues are shown in the chart below.

As seen above, issues on DApps were most common, with most of them being related to UI/UX suggestions. We will go into more detail below.


E-Garden is a DApp store platform, acting as EdenChain’s face for users who will be able to interact with a variety of DApps. Since the number of DApps that we offer is still small, we have been focusing on the functionality and security aspect of E-Garden. We believe that we have made significant progress in this regard and will continue to do so. During the testing period, the countries that had the most number of active participants were South Korea, Russia, United States, Ukraine, and Netherlands. Although we only selected non-Korean residents for the test, it was clear that there is a fan base in Korea that was actively trying to access our products.

During the test, the issue categories regarding E-Garden are shown in the following chart.

Of the listed issues, Bug and Errors did not take up a big portion. However, it was clear that UI/UX was something we need to improve on. Although there is definitely room for such improvement, the fact that stability was not a big issue during the first open test was reassuring.


E-Wallet plays an integral role in EdenChain’s ecosystem. Convenience is important, but preventing bugs and errors is the most important task to keep the E-Wallet fully functional at all times. The issue categories regarding E-Wallet are shown in the following chart.

The Etc. category consists of issues raised regarding functions that were either purposely blocked during the testing period or not something we had intended to work. Some examples are the sign up process and desktop optimization. In addition, UI/UX related suggestions again made up a significant portion of the issues. Out of the Bug related issues, most of them were temporary errors. We are now working to increase device compatibility to prevent minor bugs. Fortunately, Bug related issues do not take up a large portion of the total issues related to E-Wallet. That said, convenience and diversified functions are something we are looking to improve upon.


The DApps tested were a total of six HTML5 based social casino games, consisting of three different types of Keno and Plinko. The most active DApp users came from the United States, Russia, Netherlands, Latvia, and Sweden.

As seen in the issue categories below, UI/UX was again a major source for suggestions. The Etc. section consisted of screen optimization, desktop support, and wording.

The issues regarding UI/UX were mostly focused on the betting area and addition of new functions; we have been actively discussing new functions that were suggested by testers. Moreover, compatibility tests and additional improvements on convenience will be applied to future updates. We hope to provide more stability and fun in our future releases.

In conclusion, based on this testing period, we concluded that stability was not a major point of concern. We realized, however, that we still have much to improve on regarding user convenience and additional functions. Lastly, we would like to thank again all the testers who participated and those in the community who have supported us. We promise to meet the expectations of all those who believe in EdenChain.