[Eden Diary_BD]dApps that can impact and change the world

By May 17, 2019 English

dApps that can impact and change the world
by Hailee Kim

dApps have been shaped in more ways never before imagined. Today there are more dApps for everything you can think of in addition to gambling and games. More developers than ever before are on a quest to invest their creative passion and vision in utilizing blockchain technology and tokenomics.

During the last few weeks, the BD team has spent a good amount of time researching dApps across platforms. In this blog, I would like to introduce some of the dApps that stood out with a significant potential to impact and change the world.

Trips.teem (https://en.tripsteem.com/)

We have come across many dApps where users can connect with people in distant locations and share their unique experiences. Trips.teem is one of the best examples of social dApps where people who are enthusiastic in traveling, like myself, create content about their unique travel stories and get rewarded in return. By simply uploading traveling experiences, the content creators get rewarded when it gets upvoted. Also, people who curate the best content by upvoting other’s content get rewarded.

Iryo (https://iryo.io/


Patient data should be made readily accessible at all times, especially during the unfortunate circumstances of natural disasters where medical data can be lost or destroyed. Iryo solves this problem by creating a global healthcare network shared among patients, medical organizations as well as medical researchers. EOS driven access controls give patients full ownership and transparency of their personal medical data.

nTOPAZ (https://www.ntopaz.com/)

nTOPAZ is a TNS (Talented Network Service) platform for global talents. Users participate in the contest to win the rewards (Steem coins) by posting any types of creation, including emotive art and handmade designs.