[Eden Diary_BD] Why are Eden DApps promising? by Hailee Kim

By January 18, 2019 English

Why are Eden DApps promising?

by Hailee Kim

As developments over the past few years have shown, we are in a time of unprecedented technological growth which shows no signs of slowing down. Since such constant change has become the norm and the volume of information to process and act upon is growing significantly, adopting cutting-edge technology will be necessary for a business’s success and survival. Existing companies will need to ensure they take advantage of these new opportunities to improve their business, products, and services. Adopting new innovations, however, involves risk and even well-established organizations fear that the adoption process will be costly, time-consuming and will not deliver the promised benefits. In many cases, therefore, enterprise adoption of new technology can take a really long time.

However, there are two particular industries that stand at the forefront of technological revolutions by adopting new and innovative technology – the gambling and porn industries. You might be surprised how these two industries have actually aided in the evolution and creation of the most coveted innovations. Once again new technology, namely Blockchain and Cryptocurrency,  has the potential to revolutionize industries. Gambling, especially, has been able to connect with this new technology on a deep level by adopting blockchain technology. Malta, for instance, is a country that is known as a pioneer in the gambling industry and is planning to legalize the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at online casinos and is currently exploring the best options to do so. The introduction of blockchain tech to the gambling industry has also opened doors for a more secure, safe and transparent ecosystem.

In the early stages of planning our DApps, we decided that gambling or gaming would be the prime focus. We have seen many blockchain projects focused on games as the potential killer application of blockchain technology. Similarly, since the game industry is a massive market on the rise with huge potential for growth, we also considered games for our first DApps. However, identifying distinctive characteristics of the major demographics in crypto (i.e. males in their 20-30s who are not afraid to take investment risks) led us to conclude that gambling has a greater potential for EdenChain. Currently, we have developed six games that fall under two major categories, Plinko and Keno. Note that we are not trying to hit the jackpot with these DApp gambling games. The major reason for their release is to “test” and complement EdenChain technology in order to optimize our prospective users’ needs. We also believe it will provide a great opportunity for our future partners and enterprise clients to gain confidence in EdenChain and to get a clear understanding of our services.

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