[EDEN DIARY_TD] What is UI/UX? by Phillip Lee

By November 30, 2018 English

What is UI/UX?
by Phillip Lee

I have summarized the important elements of E-garden’s overall design.

UI (User Interface) Design

It is the design of how users make use of the product.

– UI design is a process of setting a concept and composing a scenario.

– A concept encompasses the design, layout, etc. that the user will actually encounter.

– It includes color, visual alignment, shape, and size.

-The purpose of the design is to ease control data input or manipulation by the screen visual, sound/music and allow easy access to content.

– From the user’s aspect, it is designing the fastest way to reach the desired menu with the least amount of clicks and dragging.

UX (User Experience) Design

– It consists of designing the initial user experience.

– It consists of predicting and collectively designing all of the user’s behavioral boundaries (reactions and behaviors that they feel directly or indirectly using any product, system, service, and etc).

– It is important to emphasize a user-centered design process. Our goal is to continually improve user satisfaction and ease usability.

The difference between UI and UX

– UI is ‘design’. UX is ‘experience’.

– EX) Homepage on PC

[UI] Does the design fit the brand?

[UX] Does clicking on CI takes users back to the main page?

– EX) Homepage on the mobile devices

[UI] Is the landing page simple and intuitive?

[UX] Where is the most convenient place for a rectangular button?

Common Points

– Important to consider the user’s perspective all time

– When configuring the interface, the range of the user’s gender, behavior, age, etc. should be objectively considered.

– It is important to elicit the ultimate “purpose” of the user.

Important points in UI / UX design

  1. Intuitive connection
  2. Consideration of the main users
  3. Optimized with key functions and buttons
  4. Consider the size of the UI button

Finally, the most important factor is to unify the color while not going over more than three colors, so that the meaning is conveyed to the users clearly.