[EDEN DIARY_BD] Technology is not everything by Sunny Gong

By November 30, 2018 English

Technology is not everything
by Sunny Gong

The Eden team is developing DApps to service the Eden platform, which will enable users to feel the value of a blockchain approach such as EdenChain. While developing the technology team members reached the consensus that “technology is not everything”. One of the common misconceptions of many technology-oriented companies is the converse, namely that “technology is everything”. The development of innovative technologies is usually accompanied by the expectation that many people from around the world will be enthusiastic and receptive to them.

Despite many developments in technology over several decades, one need only consider the history of Rome to realize people haven’t changed much; the interests of most Roman citizens were no different from those of people living today. For example, there is a continued interest in the basics such as property growth, a need for food, and the desire for a more comfortable life.

Even with the introduction of innovative technologies, there exist very few examples that apply directly to the general public. It takes time for people to accept new technology and to support its continued development.

Among many successful start-ups, very few succeed purely because of innovative or surprising new technologies. Some examples include Uber, Airbnb, Snapchat, and Spotify. The important thing is not the technology itself, but how it affects consumers.

In this aspect, a business team needs to be ready to adapt; it frequently needs to change direction, depending on the complexity of the situation. A quick, “overnight” plan is often untenable. This could because of external factors, or simply that an ambitious project isn’t met with enthusiasm. This can be disappointing. I believe, however, that a good business strategy along together with a good technology is a very important requirement for success.

The Eden project started with technology as an emphasis, and the voice of the business team was relatively unheard as the CEO’s tendency is very much to focus on development. Currently EdenChain has transformed itself and no longer focuses primarily on technology. In fact, because of the lack of interest and understanding of technology by the average user, the Eden team is striving to develop a platform that consumers can use easily, comfortably, and enjoyably. I believe success can only be claimed when the end consumer fully appreciates the value of the technology.

EdenChain is platform oriented, which is a good thing from a stability and technical standpoint. In addition, EdenChain has focused on designing and configuring the system to make it easier for people developing DApps for the platform. DApp providers want to be able to operate reliably on the Eden platform and create an environment that can foster their own growth. The Eden team is committed to making the platform as accessible as possible to a wide audience.