[Eden Diary_BD] Game Dapp Review by Jessica Park

By February 1, 2019 English

Game Dapp Review

by Jessica Park

January 28, 2019 marked the beginning of our first E-Testers program. E-Testers aare giving us reports and testing various aspects of our releases even as you are reading this post.

There are a total of six game DApps, all of which I also tested. Today’s diary will be a game review from my perspective. I hope that those of you who have not been able to take part in this process will be able to get a brief glimpse of what you can expect in the main launch.

Everything starts on E-Garden. On the main page, users will be able to see a list of six different game DApps (KENO PLUS, SPRING KENO, WINTER OF PLINKO, DRAGON KENO, SUMMER PLINKO, PINGPONG PINGPONG PLINKO)

My favorites are “Winter of Plinko” and “Pingpong Pingpong Plinko.” “Winter of Plinko” is based, as its name suggests, on a winter theme. There is a bit of a lag during play, but a ring of snowballs pop up as the loading indicator, making the few seconds of waiting more enjoyable. “Pingpong Pingpong Plinko” is relatively more simple in its design, but the background music and sound effects allowed me to become more immersed in the game.

The two mentioned above were my favorites, but the others are not to be overlooked by any means. There is another Plinko game based on the summer beach, and three Keno based games, each with its own theme (Spring, Space, and Dragon).

All game DApps are available on E-Garden. Since they are HTML5 games, users do not need to download them. They are optimized for play on Android and iOS, so even if downloads are not necessary, desktop users may find that some features are not available.

TEDN, the in-platform currency, is the Token users will spend and earn through the game DApps. Users can deposit or withdraw TEDN by clicking on their respective in-game icons. Users can also check their TEDN transaction history with the “Account” menu of E-Garden. Most of my transactions were related to Pingpong Pingpong Plinko.

As I mentioned above, there is a small loading interval during game-play. I was worried that the influx of users would cause the lag to worsen in this manner, but this is set to be fixed soon.

Both the Plinko and Keno games are separated into three different themes, allowing users to pick the games according to their taste. The interface for all six games are simple and straight-forward, making them easy to pick-up. This may be a point of argument for those who prefer lots of functions with flashy effects. We wanted, however, to provide something that everyone could enjoy without taking a lot of time for an extensive learning process. The results turned out great, in my opinion, with a simple and intuitive user interface for new users such as myself. With the implementation of even more DApps, combined with the constructive feedback we are receiving from our E-Testers, I believe that EdenChain is well positioned to enhance its technology to fit the needs of users and invigorate the platform ecosystem.