[Eden Diary] Enterprise Focused: The Future Direction of EdenChain by Max Unger

By February 28, 2019 English

Enterprise Focused: The Future Direction of EdenChain

by Max Unger

Some in the community have asked if the decision to release gambling DApps represents a shift away from our core mission of being a permissioned, enterprise blockchain for the future. Before going further into the details, let me state categorically that EdenChain’s top priority remains on enterprises.

As we first wrote about here, the decision to pursue gambling DApps was based on our observation that many projects were launching mainnets that hadn’t been adequately tested in a live environment, and which were without any sort of live app ecosystem. It would be unreasonable to expect corporations, most of whom are risk averse for good reason, to build on such untested platforms.

With this in mind we have considered the steps we as a team can take to overcome these shortfalls and present EdenChain’s mainnet as a fully functioning mainnet that’s scalable, secure, reliable, and able to operate as intended under a range of live conditions.

Upon examining some of the popular genres of DApps we concluded that gambling was the best choice. For one, it aligned strongly with the demographics of the Edenchain community, and secondly gambling DApps by nature tend to have a high volume of transactions, something which is ideal for demonstrating one of the key selling points of EdenChain – scalability.

To put it more plainly then, the decision to pursue gambling DApps is because it’s an aspect we have direct control over. We can build the DApps, help push adoption, and use this to demonstrate the strengths of EdenChain to companies. Furthermore, as Eden has a separate business development team, spending some development resources on building DApps does not take away from our overall work on building enterprise partnerships, and if anything will help to strengthen those negotiations as time goes on.

One such example of this is our recently announced partnership with Poffit Technologies’ subsidiary, The Quant Edge, a leading fintech firm that uses AI/ML techniques to build predictive analytics to assess the probability and risk of future market events.

This partnership represents the first of many. As time goes on we hope to share with you even more enterprises who have recognised EdenChain as the ideal platform to build their blockchain solutions on. Until then, our team will continue working hard to launch our mainnet and demonstrate the industry-leading capabilities of EdenChain in our DApps. We thank you for your support and want to assure you we remain as focused as ever on becoming the best choice when it comes to permissioned blockchains for enterprises.