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By July 9, 2019 English

Do you have a job that requires one person? Or a job that needs many thousands of people to complete it? Does your job need many “real” people to complete it? Look no further. Latium is there for you. Worked hard and wanna have some fun and perhaps win some rewards? Try Endless Dice!


Latium is bridging the gig economy and blockchain technology. Latium aims to bring into the gig industry a transparent global labor market with a transparent payment system, backed by a reliable reputation system. In return, the gig industry complements the crypto market by increasing the demand for cryptocurrencies.

An exciting feature Latium offers is the system call Proof of Human. It asks users to complete a video webcam task, thereby proving the user is actually a person, not a bot. FYI, their website states that the video serves only the stated purpose; they do not collect any private identification information. This system is quite revolutionary, especially considering Latium facilitates campaign projects that require real attendees.

Latium supports both “Digital” and “In-Person” tasks. Also, they issue CoinCard, a new way to send crypto to anyone. You can load a card with supported cryptocurrencies, and it can be sent in any way you like (SMS, email, or physically print it out). This card comes with its unique QR code, simplifying the crypto-rewarding system for campaign participants.

Endless Game

Endless Game offers a variety of games, ranging from simple games like dice and poker to more engaging ones like RPG games. It provides users opportunities to earn tokens with real-life value (ETH, BTC, TRX, and IOST). Moreover, all Endless Token (ET) holders receive lifetime dividends from all games released by Endless Game. Currently, there are three casino games available (Endless Dice, Endless Millions, Endless Crash), and one RPG game (Endless World War) available. Endless Poker and Endless Arena (RPG) games are on their way. Aiming to create a more diversified field of dGames, they plan to serve as a blockchain game publisher to help more developers transform their games into dGames.

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