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By July 11, 2019 English

If you find being a player at the online casinos is too small of a pond for you, that you would rather run the whole show, then there are just the right folks for you. Let me introduce you to FunFair: a team of brilliant dApp developers providing technical support and more for you to run your casino efficiently. I have another dApp to introduce to you today. If you are into equestrian sports or into equine art, there is just the right dApp for you: ZED RUN.


FunFair provides aspiring online casino owners with a turnkey solution. Leave the techy stuff to FunFair experts, and you simply focus on driving the traffic to your dApp casino. With their tech tools, anyone can create a casino in seconds and start accepting players and processing payment immediately. Their decentralized platform provides transparent service and excellent security that protects both the players and the operators against hacking or interference. Powered by their Fate Channel technology, players can enjoy games on demand with no delay. That is revolutionary! Also, their system is very efficient that it only requires 10% of the network processing cost of other blockchain casinos. If you want to check out their technology in action, check out their casino site, CasinoFair that showcase their strengths and see what they can do!


If you have a love for equine art, this dApp is for you. Zed Run lets users build a legacy with a winning digital racehorse.

You can buy, breed, race, and create a legacy with your own stable of digital thoroughbreds. The value appraised for your legacy increases as it gains race experience and performs better on the racetrack.

To celebrate the launch, ZED RUN is releasing 4,000 super rare digital thoroughbreds at discounted prices. After releasing a total of 38,000 digital thoroughbreds, they plan to release colts, fillies, mares, and stallion to diversify the profiles by creating new offsprings with unique combinations of inherited traits. 

For your information, their website displays the racing prize pool on their landing page. At the time of writing this article, the pool was 11.2702 Ether, which equated to $3461.42. Not bad, not bad.

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