[Dorothy’s Playlist] SteemPress and Engrave

By September 5, 2019 English

Steem has created a well-established ecosystem to build decentralized apps by their developer community and large user base. Today, the Dorothy team introduces two popular blogging dApps that have everything to offer their users – easy access, gas-free, good UX, and user incentives. Earn extra income by blogging and sharing your stories with SteemPress and Engrave.


SteemPress is a WordPress plugin that automates your posting from any WordPress blog to the Steem Blockchain. Every time you post in your WordPress blog, it will automatically appear in the Steem Blockchain where you can get rewarded with Steem tokens. Users can earn an extra income by simply connecting their WordPress blogs to the Steem community. Steempress plugin handles the conversion of the WordPress HTML code into the Steemit’s markdown. Once you connect the plugin, there are no extra actions required. The plugin makes access to the blockchain much easier for all users, regardless of whether they have experience in this type of technology or not. SteemPress has a reward system to motivate users to continue publishing through the plugin as those users make use of the plugin and also add value to the Steem Blockchain.


Engrave is another free and easy-to-use blogging platform. According to the definition from the team, “Engrave is the rst, complete, native blogging platform built on top of the Steem network”. It is another dApp that connects a blogger website to the Steem Blockchain, allowing them to earn while they publish a post on their websites. There are three options how you will integrate Engrave to your own blogs:

  1. Create blogs on Engrave domain
  2. Connect Engrave to your own domain
  3. Buy domain to connect Engrave

Blogging on a subdomain is free. All that is needed from you is only your preferred blog address, and to select from the domains(dblog.org, engrave.site and engrave.website).

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