[Dorothy’s Playlist] Populstay and trips.teem

By June 13, 2019 English

[Dorothy’s Playlist] Populstay and trips.teem

Hello there, today at Dorothy’s Playlist, I chose two dApps with related to travel: trips.teem and Populstay Using Trips.steem, you can earn more money for your travel using Trip.Steem 😀 Populstay is yet to be open to the public. However, it is certainly worth keeping your eyes on.


As the name suggests, Trips.steem runs on Steem platform. Trip.steem rewards both authors and readers for their participation. Authors receive Steem rewards for their travel reviews, and the voting results from readers determine the amount. Readers receive rewards for their participation, and their active participation increases the reward size. The rewards are given in Trips.steem’s internal token, Steem Dollors, of a certain percentage which owners can exchange into Steem. If you already are into a traveling blog, then I think Trips.steems is a great avenue that lets you do what you love and earn money simultaneously. Unlike many traditional blog page that keeps most profits, trip.steems readily shares the profit with users through Steem blockchain platform. AWESOME.


Populstay is a decentralized home-sharing platform. Why do we introduce a project in the development phase? Not only does it target an exciting topic of trips and shared experience, but the company also appears to make steady progress toward the launch, keeping their follower up-to-date with their project progress. According to their Roadmap, we may be able to experience trips with Populstay late this year. According to their website, Populstay wants to construct a decentralized house-sharing platform that benefits the host by allowing instant check it while helps the guest by lowering the booking fee to 1.5% (typically there is 10–20% fee).

We are looking forward to seeing how this project comes to completion and seeing the economy of the shared commodity, also making a debut in the decentralized networks.

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