[Dorothy’s Playlist] Pluto Network and Buttrfly

By June 20, 2019 English

[Dorothy’s Playlist] Pluto Network and Buttrfly

hat is so admirable and hope-giving about the blockchain technology is that it gives creators their due respect, thereby empowering them to create even better creations. Today at Dorothy’s Playlist, we are introducing two dApps that making such society a reality in the field of Academia and Influencer market: Pluto and Buttrfly.


In the world of academia, the number of publications does matter. At least as of now. However, there are only a limited number of publishing houses and even a smaller number of preferred institutions. The unbalance leads to fierce competition for a spot in journals. It sadly breeds a vicious cycle of the publishers getting richer off the work that is done by researchers, while the authors themselves do not receive as many incentives. This trend worsens as academia tends to correlate the number of publications as a metric for prestige/accomplishment/fame.

Pluto wants to change that. It allows researchers to bypass the traditional path of publication and enables them to upload their finding directly to the blockchain network. The paper is open to a lot more number of peer-reviewers who get rewarded or penalized by the quality of their work. This is a notable change; traditionally, papers are reviewed by a few selected reviewers picked by the publishing house. An approved paper is then open for people to read. Pluto cuts down the middleman cost, returns control to researchers, while making the process transparent, leading a better publishing culture that will bring better science and academia. Way to go!

The Buttrfly is the first of its kind: a marketplace where you purchase social influence at scale. It utilizes blockchain technology and AI to connect the influencers to the right brands, and vice-versa.

For influencers, Buttfly connects them to the right brand that highlights their talents. They can browse through opportunities and choose the campaigns they want. Work done is verified by the system. Using blockchain technology and smart contracts, they receive immediate payment on verified contracts for the work they provide. All the communication is transparent and stored permanently. This is revolutionary compared to the usual 60–90 days wait on the conventional system for influencers to receive their payment.

For brands, Buttrfly evaluates brands’ characters and match them with the right influencers whose connections to their audiences can create a significant marketing effect. Also, as the system verifies completed campaign and reports back to the brands, they can monitor the activity efficiently. This system reduces brands’ workflow process by 40%-60% (buttrfly.net/technology/), relieving them a considerable burden. What an awesome dApp that let both parties do what they want to do with better efficiency!

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