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By July 23, 2019 English


Many people in the blockchain space may be familiar with Steemit, one of the most well-known dApps. Today, Team Dorothy would like to introduce two other Steemit-based social dApps, Partiko and Busy.org. Both have the same basic reward system where users get rewarded by posting and getting upvotes. However, each social dApp has features that make them unique and different from one another.


Partiko is a social dApp which helps users create content on the Steemit blockchain. Users post their photos or comments and earn STEEM by collecting upvotes. Many dApps on Steemit take a certain percentage of the author rewards. Partiko, however, does not take any. Users can also earn Partiko Points and convert them into crypto. For instance, users earn 10 Partiko points when they log in every day. The Partiko points can be exchanged for upvotes, which later can be converted into STEEM. The points can also be earned by commenting, posting, resteeming, and voting.

Built using native Android and iOS programming languages, Partiko is as fast as other mainstream social apps like Twitter or Facebook. All activities are fast, including displaying feeds, uploading photos, writing posts, comments, voting, and resteeming content. The other notable feature is the dApps have a simple and modern design that provides a flawless layout and user experience. The design makes it so easy to use the dApp that users feel more like they are using a mobile app rather than blockchain technology.


Busy is a non-profit social network and communication platform that aims to bring value back to the users by building a shared economy. It has additional features and functionality, including free digital payments and a marketplace for goods and services. Also, Busy is an open-source platform. Anyone from coders to designers, writers, speakers, evangelists, marketers, and advisors are free to contribute to accomplishing their mission.

The way to get rewarded is the same as the other social dApps. Users write and publish posts on Steemit, and the community upvotes the posts. One tip for new beginners is that anyone can use the #busy tag – which is called ‘topics’ on Busy.org – to get an upvote from the official Busy account. This will help newbies with low rewards in the beginning.

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