[Dorothy’s Playlist] Iryo and IKU

By August 20, 2019 English

Today, Dorothy introduces two dApps that can have a significant impact on science as well as healthcare: Iryo and IKU.


Blockchain can have a great impact on healthcare, especially with respect to healthcare data security. Because the healthcare industry suffers from safety breaches almost on a daily basis, incorporating a technology that promises to seal all the loopholes is a no-brainer. After all, there’s a lot more to blockchain than just transactional operations. It’s about sharing information that was previously considered impossible to extract safely.

Iryo solves this problem by creating a global healthcare network shared among patients, medical organizations and medical researchers. EOS driven access controls give patients full ownership and transparency of their medical data. Last year, Iryo deployed electronic health records based on their blockchain technology in refugee camps in Jordan, allowing individuals to have their health information readily available at any moment.


IKU is a decentralized research organization (DRO) to stake and develop bio-related research and development. It is a cybernetic collective of people and machines plugged in as nodes on a network, collectively feeding it with information to fuel bio-innovation. The DRO tokens represent ownership of research data property rights to mediate participation in a digital R&D portal to build a progressively higher intelligence.

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