[Dorothy’s Playlist] FCK and Play2Win

By September 3, 2019 English

Some gambling dApps are just simple, better than others. So which are the ones you should be playing on Dorothy? Today, the Dorothy team has picked our favorite Gambling dApps based on bonuses, usability, graphics, and more: FCK and Play2Win.


FCK has emerged as one of the most-used dApps on the Ethereum blockchain. The gambling platform uses random numbers generated through the Ethereum blockchain to determine outcomes in a variety of games that include roulette, dice, coin flipping, and card guessing games. The platform guarantees a high level of fairness, transparency, and anonymity. There is also a jackpot which is paid out on average three times per day, with a maximum win of 222 ETH. Don’t miss your chance!


Play2Win is another gambling dApp that we recommend. It’s built as an Ethereum smart contract and winning or losing all depends on your luck – all games are completely Autonomous and do not have specific algorithms to calculate the combinations. The gambling platform consists of four sections – Folk games, Slots, Casino, and P2P tournaments of Classic games. Every section has lots of exciting games. Like most of gambling Ethereum dApps, you need MetaMask or Trust.

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