[Dorothy’s Playlist] DRIFE and Lumi Collect

By July 2, 2019 English

[Dorothy’s Playlist] DRIFE and Lumi Collect

Today at Dorothy’s Playlist, we are introducing you to two dApps: DRIFE and Lumi Collect. DRIFE is a dApp with an ambitious vision of disrupting the current cab-hailing business, and Lumi Collect wants to be THE wallet where you keep all your precious collectibles.


DRIFE is a decentralized Ride-hailing platform built on the EOS platform. It aims to connect the driver and the commuters without the intervention of a third-party intermediary. What is most notable to me is that first, it does not receive any fees from either drivers or riders. All the proceeds from providing a lift go straight to the service-providers: the drivers. Second, there is no surge price. None at all! There is no central entity involved in setting the fares. The absence of this central authority enables the participants (drivers and riders) to collectively arrive at the fare they both agree based on the transportation norm. DRIFE accepts payments in cash, card, and DRIFE tokens (wow!). The expanded options of payments, no commission, along with the infrastructure that guarantees transparent records-sharing of all the transactions are expected to attract many users once the system is fully launched.

Lumi Collect

Lumi Collect wants to be the ONE wallet where you keep all your collectibles. Lumi Collect is available at the AppStore and at Google Play. Also, it supports both mobile and web environments, providing easy UI/UX for users. Lumi Collects offers many features, I thought the following functions would notably increase the UI/UX experience for users

  1. Send and receive Bitcoins, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, and tokens.
  2. Recover your wallet by importing a 12-word backup phrase.
  3. Protect your funds with a PIN or Touch/Face ID
  4. Use your camera to scan an address via QR codes.

Lumi Collect also provides good security system by never sending or storing a user’s private keys outside of their devices. Users are the only ones with access to their mnemonic.

While users can access Lumi Collect on any computer, no information will be stored on that device once users log out. Later, users can simply import their mnemonic, wallet file, or the private key to gain access to their information.

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