[Dorothy’s Playlist] Decentraland and Cryptographics

By June 18, 2019 English

[Dorothy’s Playlist] Decentraland and Cryptographics

There are dApps on the market whose aesthetic qualities have mesmerizing effects on viewers. They make you linger on their webpages, somehow quietly fixate your gaze to their visual effects, leaving you with no other option but to admire the work of the artists/developers. I thought you would appreciate this experience of having your heart smitten by beautiful dApps. Today, let me introduce to two dApps with this powerful quality: Decentraland and Cryptographics.


Decentraland is a virtual space where you can build the world in your dream. The geographical area in Decentraland is sectioned into a limited number of the parcel, called LAND. LAND owners have full reign over the creative activities within their property: they can design the area in any shape they want, incorporate any elements they desire. Decentraland is collaborating with renown collectible dApps, such as Cryptokitties and our partner, Chibi Fighter. You can bring in your prized collectibles from these dApps and display them in your LAND. Any incomes generated by your creation in your property go straight into your pocket. Like properties on the non-virtual world, users can transverse the world of Decentraland. It adds a layer to the dApp, attracting different crowds of visitors depending on where your LAND is located. Many LAND owners are currently building their unique niches. Shortly, Decentraland will be open to non-LAND developers, allowing them to visit all these unusual virtual properties. We imagine that it will be a hot destination for virtual exploration.


Cryptographic is different in the sense that it uses randomize technology to create art pieces. If you are an artist at heart without professional skill sets, you can still create unique art with marketable value using the randomized algorithm provided by Cryptographic. Here is how.

A user (Creator) chooses an asset pack. Random elements of design comprise this pack. Cryptographic offers a provably random composition process, which you can apply to your asset. The result is a unique stunning piece of art to which you can claim ownership.

If you are a designer/artist, you can design your graphical assets. You can group them as Asset Packs and sell them to other users, the Creators.

All the artworks are stored as a non-fungible token (ERC-721 token) that allow the owners and buyers to track the history of transactions.

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