[Dorothy’s Playlist] Dapple Airdrops and 0xDrop

By August 22, 2019 English

With a heavy emphasis on token economics, the engagement rate on social media, beta-testing and the audience interested in blockchain, cryptocurrency airdrops have helped multiple dApps bring their businesses to the new level. Today, Dorothy introduces two tools that make Airdrop easier and faster than ever: Dapple Airdrops and 0xDrop.

Dapple Airdrops

Dapple Airdrops is a distributed web-based token airdrop application powered by Ethereum smart contracts. The dApp is categorized in Finance on Dorothy (https://dorothy.network/finance/0xdrop/). Users are required to use specific wallets based on the types of devices –  for mobile devices you can either use Trust Wallet or Coinbase Wallet. Otherwise, if you are on a desktop or laptop, you can use MetaMask. It is capable of batch transferring ERC20 tokens to at least 170 addresses in a single click.  However, the application can be pushed to its limits. The highest recorded so far is 215.

The best feature of Dapple Airdrops is that you get rewarded with bonus drops every time you batch transfer ERC20 tokens. The bonus is currently set to 20%, and the bonus drops are rewarded as you use Dapple Airdrops to distribute your token. So for every 100 paid drops that you make, you are rewarded with 20 free bonus drops. If you want to try the dApp before making a purchase, Dapple offers a free trial.


0xDrop is another fantastic platform where everyone, even those with no technical knowledge or coding you can airdrop ERC-20 tokens. With very intuitive and straightforward UI and UX, it is very easy and simple to use. All you have to do is copy the addresses and amounts; it will be done instantly. 0xDrop allows users to airdrop 200 addresses in each transaction.

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