[Dorothy’s Playlist] DADA nyc and Musicoin

By July 16, 2019 English

Hi there! I would like to direct your attention to two dApps related to art: DADA NYC and MUSICOIN! They use blockchain technology to reward artist communities by minimizing 3rd party involvement.

DADA nyc

“Social media doesn’t have to be toxic.” DADA is a social network using blockchain technology that enables communication via drawings. Interesting. Artists share their thoughts in the form of drawing on the DADA platform, and these conversations carried out in digital drawings and paintings later become a piece of collective art. Every art piece’s authentication information is stored safely using a blockchain system, and it makes sure that the proceeds from any sales go to the proper artist. You may buy a single piece from the collective art, or a few of them, or the entire set if you wish. The platform is operated by people of the community who care and believe in the work that DADA is doing.


Do you want to access a huge library of music without paying a subscription fee? And if you do pay, would you want to pay directly to the artist who made the awesome music you enjoy? There is a solution for you: MUSICOIN. MUSICOIN is available on Google Play and in the App Store. When a musician registers their music on the platforms, their music is readily available to listeners. MUSICOIN incorporated a Pay-per-Play method of payment, where listeners can pay as much as they listen, and the payment is sent to the musicians. Do you have a band? Then you can set up your account in such a way that the payment can be automatically split between your band members. All these payment records are open for review by anyone. No more sad band break up from poor fund management!

Thanks to the application of the blockchain system that rids most of the need for third-party intermediaries, listeners can stream music without paying for a subscription, without bothersome ads, while supporting their favorite artists! That is revolutionary!

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