[Dorothy’s Playlist] CryptoKitties and nTopaz

By July 4, 2019 English

[Dorothy’s Playlist] CryptoKitties and nTopaz

Today at Dorothy’s Playlist, we are introducing you to CryptoKitties and nTopaz. CryptoKitties is one of the more well-known dApps in the current market. Its concept reminds me somewhat of Tamagochi, which I used to play years ago: a platform for digital pets. Obviously, CryptoKitties has way more features than Tamagochi, yet there are similarities in the sense that both of them have become a classic in their respective arenas. nTopaz, is a place for you to turn your talents into artworks. The platform aims to build a platform that respects artists’ endeavors and rewards them fairly in a transparent system.


In essence, CryptoKitties is a game of breeding and collecting cats. Each cat comes with a unique Cattributes. When you breed two different cats, you get an egg (egg-laying cat!?). When you breed two cats, the progeny will have unique features (new eye shapes, for example) not found in their parents. Whenever you buy, breed, and create or cancel an auction, you need to pay a fee and set the Gas Price (Gwei). This is the same concept you would need to know when enjoying dApps running on the Ethereum platform. They kindly emphasize this concept for all new users.

Depending on what you have in mind, you can choose from Great-Value Cats, Fancy Cats, or Exclusive Cats. You must follow a specific breeding recipe if you want to breed a Fancy Cat, while you cannot breed Exclusive Cats as they are not obtainable through breeding.

As these Cats are non-fungible token items, rare Cryptokitties can be sold at a price as high as 600ETH. WOW!


nTopaz is aspiring to create an environment in which artists can create their own market without the interference of a third party. There are three different kinds of postings, all to promote unique artworks including contest submission, general creation submission, and curation. Viewers can give these postings points, and the accumulated points are calculated by a set algorithm to determine the contest winner and the daily top 10. Viewers leaving constructive comments are rewarded with points as well.

nTopaz plans to expand their business in 3 phases: contests, commerce, and crowdfunding artwork. Currently, there are three events going on. You can also check out past contest events. The winner’s prizes from these past events ranged from $600 to $1000. WOW! If are you a talented artist interested in turning your gift into a blockchain art business, check out nTopaz 😀

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