[Dorothy’s Playlist] Crypto Cities and ETH Town

By September 17, 2019 English
Have you dreamed of becoming a landlord or landlady and collecting rent every month with little effort or hard work? I have. Today, Dorothy is featuring two dApps where your landlord dream can be realized (in the crypto world): Crypto Cities and ETH Town.
Crypto Cities
CryptoCities is a pioneering strategy game built on the Ethereum blockchain. The game has many features like city or country ownership, a marketplace, territory, and gold. To start the game, you need to first purchase a location in the marketplace with ETH. Each territory has its own characteristics, which determine its price. The better the stats are, the more expensive the plot is. In total, CryptoCities’ plots have about 30 stats. Territories bring passive income to their owners. You earn gold from every piece of territory you control, as well as every location you own. Gold is used to enhance the territories for battles. The more gold you gain, the more battles you can wage. Gold is currently only an in-game resource, but the team is looking into adding a feature to exchange gold for ETH.
ETH Town
ETH Town is another virtual realtor dApp based on the Ethereum blockchain. The Crypto Tower is a tower consisting of different types of crypto offices and apartments. Every floor comes with its own rules, profit structure, bonuses, and so on. The main goal of the games is buying out floors and selling them. The game uses ETH and ETIT. ETIT is a token used in ETH Town, and it can be used interchangeably with ETH. Buying floors in the “crypto tower” can only be done in ETH. Buying into floors earns you additional ETH or ETIT depending on the difference in value between the timed rounds. ETH Town has unique features like heroes and mini-games. The mini-games have special relations with the floor they are in and certain heroes. The games include building rockets, buying floors (outright & crowd sale), spinning a casino wheel and more. Each game requires either ETH or ETIT.


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