[Dorothy’s Playlist] Blockchain Cuties and Crypto-Oink

By August 27, 2019 English

Warning! Cuteness overload! Dorothy introduces the cutest and most adorable dApp games: Blockchain cuties and Crypt-oink. There are loads and loads of super cute characters just waiting to meet you.

Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Cuties is a collectible adventure game based on the Ethereum blockchain. The gameplay of Blockchain Cuties is very similar to Crypto Kitties that we introduced earlier. The game includes features such as battles, adventures, and a marketplace where players can trade their virtual items. You can choose to breed or collect a wide range of cute animals such as cats, dogs, and bears. You can also mix two different types of cuties and create other cute looking characters with unique traits being a mix of the two parents.

In addition to collecting and breeding Cuties, you can engage in fights with your characters when they are sent out on an adventure. Whilst it does not appear that you gain ETH for winning battles, the fact that your Cutie has a record of winning battles will help increase the value of the Cutie if you decide to sell the NFT. Characters with valuable traits can then be sold to other players for a profit. You can also develop Cutie’s stats with items from the adventures or marketplace.


Crypto-oink is an Ethereum based game dApp where you can purchase, breed, and race cute piglets. Like Blockchain Cuties, the game has its own marketplace where you can buy or sell your piglets. The marketplace offers a generation 0 piglet as well as a gen 1 or higher piglet for prices ranging from 0.001 to 999 ETH. The gen number represents piglets’ skill sets. Piglets with higher gen are more likely to win a race. There is also other ways to boost skills: You can purchase a body, head, or foot accessory that represents different types of skills and before the race, send your piglets to the gym and train them on a treadmill.

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