[Dorothy’s Playlist] Auctionity and AxieInfinity

By June 27, 2019 English

[Dorothy’s Playlist] Auctionity and AxieInfinity

As I am writing this blog entry, I am watching an auctioneer appraising and facilitating biddings of Etheremon on a live stream. Watching a dApp being auctioned-off live? How cool! With that said, what better place than cute dApp games to find a worthy collectible for an auction? Say, like AxieInfinity? Today at Dorothy, we are featuring Auctionity and AxieInfinity, two fun dApps that makes blockchain fun and accessible :D.


Auctionity, just as the name suggests, is a place where you can buy and sell unique digital items through auctions. It is, therefore, more than a store to purchase items. If you have items to sell, whether them to be existing NFTs or your authentic creations, you can submit those items to Auctionity. Once submitted, Auctionity will have them reviewed and place the accepted items on the Salesroom.

Guess what? They provide developers a complete toolkit to create customizable auction house for their NFT projects, to integrate assets into their Salesroom, or to use their API. EASY~

Moreover, you can become an auctioneer that live-streams auctions and earn a commission from the final auction price! It is like one of those fancy auction-houses in the fancy neighborhood, but reachable at your convenience from wherever you are!


I am sure many of you are very familiar with AxieInfinity. Aren’t they just so cute and angry? My my. I wish I have one of those Axies in real life. Maybe that is not a good thing. You can buy an Axie from users or from Axie Lab when it is open. If you already have Axies, you can breed them, or you can go to Mating Club. So far, six classes of Axies were found, and more classes are to be discovered. In terms of value, there are 4 classes: common, rare, ultra rare, legendary.

You raise your Axies on the artificial environment called Terrarium. It is a 6×6 space where you get to decorate in ways you would like to raise a healthy Axie.

“Legends never die!”

Among other things, you can have your Axies battle against others’. You may read more. I found it amusing that they describe the mode just right before the HP (health point) depletion as “Last Stand”, as “legends never die”. haha. It is good to know that my precious wouldn’t die from battle wounds.

Play AxieInfinity and get an awesome Axie 😀 and perhaps you can auction it off at Auctionity at a legendary price!

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