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By July 25, 2019 English

Today, Team Dorothy is introducing two dApps that lets users track their fitness activities, share their experience with others, and get rewarded for demonstrating and encouraging inspired healthy behavior: Actifit and FitBlox.


Actifit tracks a user’s daily steps and pays out its own AFIT tokens, which can be converted into STEEM coins. Actifit not only motivates its users to be active and healthy but also encourages them to be engaged in the Steemit social network by adding features where users can take notes and post them on the platform. Actifit is very simple and easy to use – get the dApp, which is available for download on Android and iOS, on your phone and create an account by logging in from Steem.

The only downside is that users must have an internet connection and the smartphone next to them all times to record their activities and to get rewarded. Since Acitifit does not work with most smartwatches such as Samsung or Apple Watch, the application is active only if users have their smartphones with them while working out. Fitbit is the only watch supported by and synchronized with the dApp.

The payout table is as follows:

5,000–5,999 steps = 20 AFIT

6,000–6,999 steps = 35 AFIT

7,000–7,999 steps = 50 AFIT

8,000–8,999 steps = 65 AFIT

9,000–9,999 steps = 80 AFIT

> 10,000 steps = 100 AFIT


FitBlox is a fitness social dApp based on the EOS blockchain. FitBlox’s unique features that distinguish it from other fitness decentralized apps is that in addition to their fitness activities, users can also get rewarded by interacting with and mentoring others with like-minded goals in the community. The users receive FBX Tokens based on their goal achievements and upvotes of their contents.

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