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By August 6, 2019 English

In 2017, the lottery industry generated a total of $273 billion in ticket sales, which accounted for 29% of global game revenue. Despite the worldwide popularity, there are challenges such as lack of transparency faced by the lottery industry. Distributed and decentralized technology blockchain technology offers solutions to such trust and fairness issues. Today, Dorothy introduces two Lottery dApps: FireLotto and EOSPlay.


FireLotto is a lottery dApp build on the Ethereum Blockchain. The dApp uses an algorithm based on a blockchain. The winning numbers are random and not known in advance. The result of the draw cannot be influenced by anyone, not even the FireLotto development team.

Currently, there are four types of lotteries available: 4/20, 5/36, 6/45, and an instant lottery called Roger’s Wheel. The players select the lottery they wish to play where they can choose their own set of numbers or have randomly chosen numbers. Players can buy as many tickets as they want until the system stops accepting new lottery tickets, an hour before the draw. Once a winner is selected, the automated payout will take from 30 seconds to several hours for the system to transfer funds to the winning account.


EOSPlay is a lottery and gambling dApp platform based on the EOS blockchain. The dApp includes lottery, card, dice, and slot games. Players wager on the outcome of numbers generated from each newly generated EOS transaction hash. The game runs for a total of 1440 rounds per day, each game running every minute. There is a maximum limit that can be placed by all players per round. The maximum bet amount that will be accepted by the system is equal to no more than 5% of the lottery balance. The dApp allows playing in a variety of ways, giving players full control over their risk-reward ratio.

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