[Dorothy Playlist] CryptoCanvas and CryptoSketches

By August 1, 2019 English

The Internet Age has given us new tools for expression. Today, Dorothy introduces you to two decentralized art platforms where you can express your creative side: CryptoCanvas and CryptoSketches.


CryptoCanvas is a canvas dApp based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a billboard in crypto space where users can advertise, draw, and promote by creating visual contents using the drawing tools provided on the dApp.

On CryptoCanvas, users purchase the space, a fixed size — plots that are represented as single pixels. Users can either own a plot or rent the space from owners. They can passively create artwork on other people’s property, or speculate on property values by purchasing, collect dividends through rent, or use their ownership to ensure that their art is prioritized.


CryptoSketches is a platform combined with a decentralized sketch art gallery and marketplace. Users can draw and publish to keep a piece of art recorded permanently on the Ethereum blockchain. With a transparent record of authorship and ownership on the blockchain, the records of information cannot be altered or removed and include who created an artwork, how many times it’s changed hands, and for how much.

The publishing cost is set to 0.001 ETH per art listing. In order to avoid too much transaction costs(gas fees), the dApp encodes the drawing as vector graphics. Vector images can be reproduced at any size without altering quality. Users can set their sketches ou to bid or set a price so it can be bought directly. There is a 3% commission charged on sales.

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