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By April 13, 2018 English

James Ahn, the president of Edenchain is delivering a lecture on 26th of Jan., 2018 about the blockchain and introducing Edenchain to the crowd of people gathered in Seoul Metro.

The lecture was delivered to the crowd who are unfamiliar with the blockchain concept, thus the lecture was focused on the background and concept of blockchain.

Many people were interested in the lecture.

People are unfamiliar with ‘blockchain’ but haven’t most of you guys heard of ‘Bitcoin’ more than once?

The well known ‘bitcoin’ that we all know about is the first generation cryptocurrency. ‘Bitcoin’ that has its base on blockchain technology.

Blockchain could be understood as ‘public transaction ledger.’ This ledger is connected with each other like a chain, making it impossible to forge or falsify.

It was possible for ‘cryptocurrency’ to be formed since the ‘blockchain technology’ existed.

The formation of ‘cryptocurrency’ was possible due to existence of ‘blockchain’.

By the way, when we think of the word ‘cryptocurrency’ you need to focus on the word crypt. In Korea it is also called ‘virtual-currency’, but in this case it is hard to associate it with the concept of crypt so it is not an appropriate expression.

The word ‘crypt’, ‘encryption’ is very important in blockchain technology.

The data storing method of blockchain technology allows ‘decentralization’ from ‘centralized system’.

Hence, wouldn’t there be a disruption in the existing structure of the organization?

Furthermore new modified system will replace the old system.

Programmable Economy Platform, EdenChain !!

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