Demo of E-Explorer MVP: the first among many products

By May 1, 2018 English

Edenchain has an exciting suite of products, and we have already given you a preview of the first two products with MVPs designed for – E-Explorer and E-Edge. Today, we shall take a close look at the MVP of the E-Explorer to have a sense of what the UI / UX would look like to its users. The UI / UX will be further polished to be intuitive for users and aesthetically pleasing.

In time to come, we will be demonstrating our E-Edge MVP and other exciting products to be developed on Edenchain platform.

For today, we will demonstrate how the E-Explorer displays block, batch and transaction data that we had run on our testnet.

Despite E-Explorer’s simplicity, it is one of the most important products of a blockchain platform, allowing non-technical users, with minimal knowledge about blockchain technology, to view transaction information and block information. This enables transparency and accountability tenets of blockchain technology, by allowing users to easily verify the status of their transactions and to view the history of transactions.

To the casual user, E-Explorer functions and look similar to Etherscan, which is one of the most popular block explorers. However, there is an innovation functionality added in Edenchain’s E-Explorer which developers and the technically-savvy blockchain enthusiast will appreciate – the connectivity of related data. Developers frequently need to find and check related transactions but this is not easy with existing block explorers for other blockchains. E-Explorer implemented batching and shows related transactions intuitively on the E-Explorer.

For our technically-savvy community members, we had previously provided a preview to our E-Explorer with extensive discussion on the architecture of E-Explorer ( To summarize, E-Explorer is designed to be stable (unaffected by the servers), have high-performance (handle millions of TPS effortlessly), and make use of computing resources efficiently.

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