dApps you should try now!

By November 1, 2019 English

“Are there any dapp games in which we can use EDN/TEDN?”

A very good question. Yes, there are! Today, we would like to introduce you to those games. Spoiler alert! Many of these games come with a demo version! You can try them risk-free!

EdenChain has collaborated with a dApp company, NodeNum, to develop a number of dApp games to showcase various aspects of EdenChain’s services. 

Together, we plan to release about 12 games.

The first two to cut the ribbon are Don Quixote’s Journey and Let’s Dice Royal.

What is so special about these dApps?

1. They are 1-Step Sign in dApp games.
Do you have a Dorothy account? Then you are good to go! No need to create another ID and PW for NodeNum games. Simply sign in with your Dorothy account details and start playing!

2. They interoperate with MoA-Connect.
You can access MoA directly from the game interface via MoA-connect. MoA-connect is a system that allows any developer to easily integrate the MoA/Pegasus system with their project. Developers can now accept multiple currencies across platforms by simply adding MoA-connect to their project. With MoA-Connect, you can access MoA directly from dApps.

3. The game transaction history is open to the public, and always verifiable.
You can always check the transaction records on eexplorer.edenchain.io


MoA-Connect: Add MoA to your project and start accepting multicurrency payments.
Free demo! Awesome!

4. Play these dApps with TEDN and pay no transaction fees.
These dApps accept TEDN (EDN). What is the difference between EDN and TEDN? TEDN is a token specialized for dApp use on EdenChain.

Picture this. When you go to a casino, you deposit some cash and get chips. You use those chips freely among all games within the casino. When you are leaving the casino, you simply exchange the chips for money. TEDN is like these casino chips, optimized for using dApp developed on EdenChain. In the case of NodeNum game dApps, you don’t need to pay any transaction fee (like gas fee) while playing any of those games with TEDN. Do you want to swap out TEDN for EDN? You can always exchange TEDN to EDN. They are currently pegged at a 1:1 ratio. For more information, here is the link to an article explaining the subject in detail.

You can access these dApps by clicking 1-Step Sign-in once you enter the Dorothy.Network. Wanna try them risk-free? They offer demo versions, so give it a go with a light heart!

Alright! Now go Dorothy and try them out! Also, stay tuned as we will release more 1-Step Sign-in dApp games!


1-Step Sign-in games accept TEDN