user-centric dApp store, created by fellow users

At EdenChain, we want users to experience all dApps flawlessly, regardless of the blockchain their favorite dApps run on or which cryptocurrency they prefer to hold. Unfortunately, until recently that was not the blockchain reality – and we want to change that.

– Meet Dorothy.
Dorothy is designed with advanced UI/UX that allows users to intuitively search, play, and pay for dApps. An identity service lets users access their favorite dApps across platforms with a single login. Our multicurrency support frees users to choose any quality dApp, regardless of their coin preference. Dorothy will continue to evolve with you in mind, solving issues standing in the way of blockchain mass adoption.

integrated wallet for crypto asset management and easy tokenization

MoA is a system developed by EdenChain to satisfy three key functions: tokenization, integration, asset management.

First, it provides users tokenization service for their tangible and intangible value. Anyone can easily create a digital asset by filling out a simple form.

Second, it functions as a wallet with extra security and convenience when used on EdenChain platform. Notably, all MoA wallets are installed with Pegasus: the multicurrency payment solution. Powered by Pegasus, MoA gives users the experience of having a private exchange agent available 24/7.

Third , MoA helps you manage your assets. Providing intelligent analytics tailored to your portfolio, it helps you make data-guided investment decisions.


seamless payment solution
for your blockchain commerce

Pegasus provides users concierge services for currency exchange. As of now, inter-currency transactions remain as the biggest roadblock to blockchain mass adoption.

Pegasus is EdenChain’s answer to the issue.
For users, Pegasus handles currency exchange on their behalf and facilitate a seamless dApp experience. For developers, they can integrate Pegasus into their dApp projects. Your customers can pay using any cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world.