Blockchain and Cryptocurrency’s Now and Future

By April 13, 2018 English

James Ahn, the CEO of EdenChain made a speech at the Blockchain 3.0 Conference(Feb. 8, 2018).

Can you locate James Ahn in the picture? James Ahn, seems to be there somewhere. Right next to him Kim, Byung-gwan the politician of Democratic Party of Korea.

This pose was chosen by the photographer, whether the people liked this alignment or not is unknown.

The conference had the focus on future of the 3rd generation blockchain, that has evolved from first and second generation of blockchain. The topic was about what we should prepare and the prediction for its future, and even about the everyday usage of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in the future. It was a deep insight of today’s blockchain technology and its future potential.

This conference was held by GovernTech Firm and Korea Blockchain Industry Association. EdenChain’s James Ahn, and other well known experts of blockchain industry joined the conference and delivered their thoughts in an insightful speech.

Jerome Glenn, CEO of Millenium Project, Chang-gi Park of GovernTech, Takeshi Natsuno the I-mode developer, Sankalp Shangari of Lala World, India, Song, Se-kyong of Future Robot joined the conference as well.

Programmable Economy Platform, EdenChain !!

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