Announcement: We’re rebranding with brand new logo and website!

By June 27, 2019 English

We’re excited to announce that as of July 2019, we are rebranding with a new logo, color scheme, and website. We want to share with you our rationale behind the updates, and what they represent for EdenChain brand and our community. 

Rebranding & New Logo

The recent release of Dorothy, Masternode Program, and the upcoming Mainnet launch demonstrate our unwavering commitment to the vision that inspired both EdenChain and our supporters. With that said, we decided to update our brand elements to embody our vision better. The update includes the brand logo, color, and website.  

Our new logo represents the relationship between the three entities – individual, technology, and EdenChain. It represents the very idea of Edenchain being the bridge that connects human and blockchain technology.

Color is an essential element that defines a brand image. We choose the following two colors for the reasons as stated. First, Living Coral is a warm and embracing color that gives a fresh impression to the corporate identity. For Green, it symbolizes nature and harmony. It represents EdenChain’s contribution to the blockchain ecosystem.


We are very excited about the new products scheduled to be launched in the following days. We renewed the website includes accommodation for these new products under the Business page. The page explains EdenChain’s Ecosystem and how these new products play roles design to collaborate to bring a seamless experience for users. EdenChain will stay focused on technology development and remain as a forerunner.

The launch date of the brand new website will be announced in a separate announcement.