Announcement: Ready, Set, Dorothy!

By June 5, 2019 English

Ready, Set, Dorothy!

We are very excited to announce the launch of Dorothy, the next generation mobile dApp store. Dorothy is now open to everyone.

Meet the first version of Dorothy:

We are planning to continuously update Dorothy to improve the ecosystem. We will keep you in the loop about new features and dApps with new blog posts all about Dorothy!

Meaning behind the name, Dorothy

Since the last blog, Meet Dorothy: The World’s First Universal dApp Store, there have been many comments from the Eden Community asking why we have decided to rename the dApp store to Dorothy. The name Dorothy comes from Greek meaning “God’s gift”. We have come up with the name because it was perfectly suited with our ultimate goal from its early development stage. Our ultimate goal is for the Dorothy ecosystem and the greater dApp ecosystem to grow and succeed together. We want Dorothy to be a gift for everyone in the dApp community including users and providers by setting the stage for dApps to become as common and easy to use as regular apps found on your smartphone today.

About Dorothy

Dorothy is a dApp store that does things differently. A platform designed from the ground up on the principle that users should be able to find and experience all dApps flawlessly, regardless of the blockchain their favorite dApps run on or which cryptocurrency they prefer to hold. To achieve this, Dorothy is fully platform-agnostic, with its own multi-currency payment solution and an integrated wallet with asset management. For the end user, however, the experience is entirely integrated and seamless with just a single login from the Dorothy app needed to connect them to all the most popular dApp platforms.

Read more about Dorothy: Meet Dorothy: The World’s First Universal dApp Store

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