[Announcement] MainNet Initial Activity Plan

By July 4, 2019 English

[Announcement] MainNet Initial Activity Plan

On our last blog entry, we discussed the structure of EdenChain’s Platform-Supernodes, Hypernodes, and the Anchoring system. Today, we want to address the MainNet Initial Activity Plan. If you have questions regarding our platform structure, please refer to the previous entry.

MainNet comprises two main elements: Hypernode and Supernode. Hypernode handles anchoring and manages the native token, while Supernodes handle TEDN transactions that occur in Game dApps.

At this initial stage, the Hypernode is configured for Anchoring Namespace and Supernodes is configured for TEDN Namespace only. However, we have yet to open to the public our wallet or dApp games that use TEDN. As such, it is natural that you do not see any transaction at this moment.

As it is a MainNet, not a TestNet, there must be an actual transaction for a block to be added to the MainNet blockchain.

• Wallet and TEDN game dApps are not open to the public yet, so there is no TEDN transaction.

• No TEDN transaction = No transaction in Supernodes = no Anchoring Transactions = No Hypernode transaction = no records on E-Explorer

1 EDN is pegging for 1 TEDN. This is verifiable in the image below (the same number of the token amount with 18 decimal) or on Etherscan.

Image showing the shared characteristic (18 decimal amount) of EDN and TEDN

We will soon test-run TEDN dApps on our MainNet Supernode. At that point, you will be able to see on our E-Explorer records for exchange between ERC20-EDN and TEDN, and the TEDN TXs that will occur when those dApps are in use.

We wanted to present you with a wallet with broader applications, so we decided to hold the unveiling of the wallet and TEDN dApps for a short period. We will release them by the end of July. At that point, EdenChain’s services will be open to everyone to use.

MainNet launch is unanimously considered as the major milestone for any platform companies in the blockchain industry. While we are thankful for reaching our milestone, we view it as only the beginning of developing applicable blockchain technology. Fueled by this recent accomplishment, we are charged to complete the EdenChain Ecosystem to actualize the programmable economy = our shared vision.